Status Update..

Hey everyone, sorry for being so silent for a while.

I took some time off for the holidays and it spiraled into me working on my side project, which is now becoming more of a real thing and not just an idea.

And I think this is probably a good thing for me as I really need something to change in my life, it's just very tiring working on the same thing every day.

So, I've given myself until the end of January to get this side project to a playable state (or at least close to) and then we'll see if it feels like the game could become good.

So this means Zordak will get less time for the time being, I'll still be working on it but every other week or something like that instead so I can hopefully keep both projects going without much interruption.

I understand this might seem like bad news for some of you but this is what I've decided upon so it is what it is.

This side project is something I've always wanted to do and I think it's a good time to try and get it going as the new year begins.

I'll probably be putting out some more info about the project at some point during this month but for now I'll just say this:

It will be an old school Doom-like FPS, if you know my jam game Y.A.W ( then it will be like that but more advanced with completely different graphics and somewhat of a story.

Anyway, that's all I got for an update, I'll be trying to get some work done on Zordak for next week and get a new devlog out.

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Not upset really. Sometimes you gotta just take some "you time". Better for you to take a break and refresh than burn out grinding away at Zordak. It'll probably be better quality then.  Hope the side project goes well.


Glad to hear that.

And yeah, that's what I'm hoping for.. taking some time off to let me come back fresh again.

Thanks, we'll have see how the side project turns out, hopefully I'll get something presentable going this month, at least in terms of gameplay.


You've been working very hard on Zordak throughout the past year, so yes, you are entitled to take a break and work on your side project. We'll always be here, supporting you at every step of the way :D


Hey, I definitely appreciate that. :)

I will still work on Zordak of course, just a bit slower for a while.