Devlog - 83

(old gif this time, way too sleepy to make a new one, sorry)



- Added *A LOT* of new rooms, finishing up the area shown in the previous devlog.

- Added a bunch of new tiles.

- Improved misc old sprites.

- Tweaked an upgrade a bit.

- Updated misc old rooms.

- Fixed 2 bugs/issues.


Hello again, it's been a while since the last devlog and I'm sorry for that but it is what it is I guess.

I was originally going to post a devlog about 2 weeks ago but apparently these scammers I posted about a while ago are still around so I decided to leave my tweets about that up for a bit so people can find them easier.

Then right after that I got sick for about a week and am now just starting to feel mostly normal again..

So there's some context on why I've been postponing this devlog a bit.

And because of all this I've not worked very much on the game during this time.

(anything in this devlog was finished right before I posted the tweets)

Hopefully I can get back to it again on monday or something like that.

Anyway regarding finishing game areas, there's not much left now.. basically only like a small/medium sized area left.

After that is done then it might be time to port this thing to GMS2, which I'm not really looking forward to as I will have to check for a bunch of new bugs and such... but it has to be done at some point and the sooner the better.

So yeah, that's it for this devlog I guess, hopefully there won't be a month until the next one.




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Thanks for the update. Hope you get to feeling better soon! If you need a break I'm sure the fans'll understand. Better to rest yourself than burnout. Good day and good luck!


Hey, thanks for the kind words and good luck.

And I'm basically back to normal now except for a few small issues.

I'm currently trying to decide whether I should start porting to GMS2 right now and do the remaining rooms later so technically I'm already on a small break I guess. ;)

Anyway we'll see how it works out.