Devlog - 88

(new custom particle system with misc effects)
(ignore the screen shake on hitting every enemy, it's a bug)

v0.56-0.57 Changelogs:

Hey again, I realize that it's once again been a long time since the last post, I'm looking to fix this in the very near future, hopefully starting now.
Last time I started porting over sprite drawing to my own custom system, which is now mostly complete.
This time I have created a custom particle system because since I no longer use GMS2 IDE sprites, the built in particle system does not work, this new particle system is close to finished as well and I'm in the process of porting over old particle effects to this new system, as well as creating new particle effects.
So my next goal is to be completely done with these two custom systems, hopefully in time with the next devlog.
I guess that's all I have to say for now regarding the game.

So I have been posting some updates over on Discord, this is pretty much *the* place where I post smaller updates and talk about the game and such.
So if you use Discord and want more smaller updates and/or want to talk about the game, feel free to join my server listed below as I won't really be doing much other than posting Devlogs anywhere else because it's just too cumbersome.
(you can still of course ask questions and such anywhere else and I will reply at some point)
Well, I've got nothing more to say then I think, so until next time.


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So glad to hear you're still working on the game. Take your time to do it safely. I'm sure it'll be more than worth the wait!