Devlog - 30


Made numerous changes to the boss again, including:

Player projectiles no longer collide with the red blobs.

Added more screenshake to things, increasing impact of certain moves.

Sped up all of the boss attacks and reduced waiting time between them, an attempt to reduce fight length more and increase interactivity.

Made multiple improvements to the water splashing effects, again, to increase impact of certain moves.

Removed the part of the intro phase where the boss peeks up and then goes down again.

In general the fight should feel more violent / intense now.

Fixed player charging particles not spawning in the correct position when in the "hard landing" state.

Fixed some minor robot companion issues.

The low oxygen ticking sound effect now happens more frequently when under 10% oxygen.

The low oxygen overlay effect now fades to a light shade of red, instead of just white.

And a not so relevant change for anyone else but me: added a room selection menu so I no longer have to type the whole name each time. (yay)


(again, this gif tries to showcase some of the boss changes)

Didn't get that much work done this week and most of it was spent on the boss once again.

There are several reasons why I didn't get much work done and it's not because I didn't want to work on the game, there's just so many things you can do before time runs out you know.

I guess I can tell you some of what I did this week to be more transparent or whatever, so this is probably not something most of you care about though but here it is:
Worked on Zordak. (ofc)
Worked on an updated version of my #GM20 Jam game (
Downloaded, played and rated almost all of the #GM20 Jam submissions. (107 entries, still got some left)
Got back into making non-game related music again so spent a lot of time on that.
Finally finished my playthrough of a game I was trying to complete. (not a jam game)
And since it is/was black friday sale I spent a lot of time trying to decide what / if I'm going to buy something. (this has taken hours so far)

So yeah, maybe that information was a bit pointless but now you know.
(I'll probably not post that stuff again unless people actually want to know)

That's it, maybe we'll see something different next week.

Get Zordak


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LOL I can relate to Black Friday decisions. I think I bought ten or twelve games on friday that I likely won't get around to playing for years, due to the couple hundred other games I still haven't gotten to yet. But... ON SALE!!! LOL Anyway, I'm ALWAYS happy to see any update on this project. Go Apapappa, GO! :)

Yeah, I have too many games already so I know what you mean, therefore I only bought some DLC for a game I already own.

I did buy some other stuff though, and still need new headphones (cable broken at the cap so audio goes in and out if I wiggle it) and mouse (left click randomly does 1-3 extra clicks or so, mouse wheel same thing).

So yeah, still got some stuff I need to get.

Anyway, hopefully I can keep this streak of updates going for a while, and as you said, always happy when people like them. :)