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Made in 17 hours 27 minutes for GameMaker 20 Jam (#GM20) with the theme "20".


I'll admit that I used the theme very loosely, but I'll list things that got influenced by the theme because why not:
20 Life
20 Levels
2 Seconds
160x160 base resolution / room size, 8x8 tiles aka 20x20 tiles in a room, though this is not true for all rooms.
The player aging. (GameMaker being 20 years old)
I guess I finished the game in under 20 hours as well but that is purely coincidental.

Birthday Boy is a semi turn based platformer where you play as a hungry gremlin and every day is your birthday.
His sole purpose in life is to eat cake and you must help him do so.
Navigate through 20 levels with your goal being: eat the cake.
Good luck.

Every time you move, time advances.
You get 2 seconds to think between key presses, if you don't make a move within these two seconds, time will advance.

You have 20 life points and every third key press decreases your life by 1.
You can advance time by pressing space, this will not count as a key press.

Left / Right Arrows = Move
Up Arrow = Jump
Space = Advance Time
R = Restart
Enter = Pause

If you get stuck you can skip the level by pressing "P", note that this could break things.

Install instructions

1 - Download the zip.

2 - Extract.

3 - Run Birthday Boy GM20.exe.


BirthdayBoyGM20.zip 2 MB
BirthdayBoyGM20_Source.zip 4 MB

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