Devlog - 25


Added some more menu polish: fading menus, button offsets and such.

Supposedly fixed a crash related to certain projectiles colliding with other projectiles.

The "Sticky Ledge Grab" option is now on by default. ie: left/right directional keys no longer let go off ledge grabbing.

Updated a few room layouts.

Tweaked the demo boss: reduced health slightly, increased fly enemy item drop chance, reworked the red blob attack, improved tentacle visuals a tiny bit, the boss fight now also triggers after a certain time has passed.

Supposedly fixed an issue causing half the HUD and boss health bars to be invisible.

Tweaked player ledge grab jumping physics a bit, you now get a speed boost allowing you to jump further.


This GIF demonstrates the new ledge grab jumping changes.

I've been slowly easing into working on the game again.
But I also have to admit I've got a bit addicted to a certain game, so that will certainly take away some dev time.
(this is one reason why I said I couldn't concentrate before)

Anyway, that's all I got this time.

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I hope your game will be on Switch someday. I will be happy!

I'd like it to be on there at some point but it's not really on the radar right now. :)


LOL Sometimes you just have to recharge your batteries by playing someone else's game for awhile. That's actually why I'm playing yours (and Blasphemous, and... and...) I'm really happy to see an update! Really looking forward to the day when I get to pay you for the finished game. LOVING this!

Yeah, that's pretty much what I feel like I need to do right now, recharge my batteries a bit.

Thanks for playing the demo and I'm glad to have your support. :)