Devlog - 24

Weekly Report:

Renamed the "controller enabled" option to "controller detection" as it seemed a more fitting name.

Added a message to the controls menu telling the player to disable controller detection if they are planning to use JoyToKey.

Tweaked the attack patterns of a certain boss a bit more.

Fixed some map related bugs.

Added a new gameplay option, "Sticky Ledge Grab", when this is enabled pressing the left / right directional keys no longer lets go off  ledge grab.

Supposedly fixed a very old "sliding ledge grab" bug.

Added another new gameplay option, "Ledge Grab Extra Aiming" (probably needs a better name), enabling this makes the up / down directional keys aim diagonally instead of letting go off ledge grab.

Updated various menu button description texts to be more compact.

I didn't get much done this week and just to give you all a heads up, Zordak development is going to slow down a bit for a while as I feel like I can't really concentrate that well right now.

I will be trying to work as much as I can of course but if I can't concentrate not much is going to get done.

So yeah, hope you all understand.

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