Devlog - 23 [DEMO UPDATE]

The demo has been updated to more accurately represent the final product.

Some new things compared to the old demo but mostly the same content.

I have reduced the length of the demo a bit because the previous one felt a bit too long and this will also make it easier for me to maintain the demo version.

Weekly Report:

Added a minimap on/off setting in the options menu.

Increased the speed of certain player transition animations.

Made some improvements to map marker handling and wording of text.

You can no longer pause when an item upgrade popup is active.

Fixed some player kick/punch hit detection and animation issues.

Fixed some enemy damage immunity issues.

This week has been mostly fixes for the demo update (only a few are listed here) so a bit of a short list this time.

If you want to know more about the most notable changes since the last demo then you can take a look at my previous devlogs:

Anyway, hope you enjoy this new demo.

Please leave some feedback if you have anything to say and spread the word about the game if you want to support me. ;)

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Aug 24, 2019

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