Devlog - 22

Weekly Report:

Improved map marker selection, you now select the one you want by holding a button and change selection with the arrow keys.

Added 3 new map marker icons.

Added various new sound cues for: oxygen draining indication, mapping a key to an already bound key and such.

Added a new upgrade list, now you don't have to memorize what each collected upgrade does.

Made multiple improvements to a certain boss fight.

Made some menu screens less bland by adding a fading color effect, this also adds movement to certain menu screens helping the player know that the game has not frozen on those screens.

Tweaked the speed of the intro cutscene a bit more.

Since the crouching kick animation had various issues it has now been converted into a punch instead.

Organized the menus a bit, they now has separators indicating categories as well.

Added a "reset to default controls" menu button.

Added a "controller stick sensitivity" setting.

Fixed misc things causing multiple controller related settings to not load upon game start.

Improved fluid reflections, it is now correctly offset from the fluid surface and not the view resulting in more correct reflections.

And finally, fixed/changed a bunch of smaller things as usual.

Weekly GIF(s):

Improved map marker selection + a few new icons and the new upgrade list.

The new crouch punch animation.

Note: the GIF skips frames before the actual punch for some reason so the animation is actually smoother than it looks.

Note 2: this GIF uses the old fluid reflections as it was recorded before those changes.

Guess that's it for now, open to any kind of feedback as always. :)

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