Devlog - 21

Weekly Report:

The main game page here on itch now has a new design.

Removed the colorblindness options since it has become clear to me that I have misunderstood those filters as stated in previous devlog comments.

Removed the "uncrouch on jump/fall" option and it is now always enabled.

Added a new enemy.

Updated a bunch of rooms with changes and fixes.

Increased text speed of upgrade info popups and the robot companion.

Reduced the chance of things "popping in" when coming into the view when previously being outside it.

Separated Controller Stick Deadzone into horizontal and vertical to allow for a higher or lower deadzone for movement vs crouching.

Fixed controller issues causing it to not set last input to controller when using the right stick and not setting it to keyboard when disabling controller detection completely.

Reworked controller stick input, deadzones should work better now and sensitivity should feel better.

And fixed/changed other smaller things.

Also, in case I haven't mentioned this before:

The weekly report is not necessarily the full changelog but more like highlights of bigger changes which I deem mostly spoiler free.

Weekly Gif(s):

New game page design, added here for comparison purposes.

Improved kicking animations, still not perfect of course but they should feel less weak now.

Demonstration of map markers and other map improvements.

At this moment you can only choose between 3 icons but more will possibly be added later.


I don't really have any questions this time but feel free to ask me anything.

Anyway, hopefully this weeks devlog makes up for the last one. ;)

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Would you be able to do a mac build? I really want to play this game.

There is no way for me to do this right now since I do not own a mac computer.

They are not really within my budget either unless I find a really cheap used one somewhere.

So for now the answer is no, sorry. :(

Maybe you could enlist someone's help who could help make the mac builds for you? I have a mac and I have a GMS2 license. I can help you if you want.

Otherwise, good luck with the game!


Thanks for the offer but yeah, well.. that opens up a whole other can of worms if I were to do something like that.

That would require me to hand over the entire source code to someone I do not know and that is not really something I'm up for.

Not that there's anything special about the code.

Don't take this the wrong way though, I have nothing against you or anything but I can't just trust a random person on the internet with something like that. :)

It would be so much better if I could just get hold of a mac myself, I'm going to be looking into finding one at some point, not sure when though.

I just wanted to make a comment/request.. I'm sure it's not really what you want, but just food for thought. Being able to put markers on the map? Almost nothing goddamn greater in a metroidvania game. However, the one thing that would be slightly better... is being able to put markers down, and allow a short note to be attached. That way you could mark a spot, and attach a note like "can't reach item, double jump?". 

I've just found in the last few years when I play metroidvania games, I end up taking screenshots of the map occasionally, firing up Photoshop, and writing down notes myself. Just a thought!

Yeah, I do get what you mean with adding actual notes, this is way more complicated than just cycling through predefined markers though.

If this were to be added I would have to make an on-screen keyboard and things like that for people using controller or if this ever gets ported to consoles.

There will more than likely be many other issues with this as well.

This is one reason why I went with the predefined icons approach since it was very easy to add and will be the same across all platforms.

So this is pretty likely not going to be added but I can put it on the list.

What I can do very easily however, is add more predefined icons.

Like for example, an icon that would indicate "too high" or "small gap" or things like that.

I'm open to any icon suggestions and adding many would not really be a problem.

I could just make it so you hold the button, cycle through icons with left/right/up/down and then placing it on release instead of just pressing the button to cycle through them.

Anyway, this reply got quite big so I'll stop here.

Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated even if said thing may or may not be added. :)