Devlog - 20

Kinda pressed for time so a bit of an early post and no new gif this time, sorry.

Weekly Report:

Added more underwater bubble effects.

Added a glimmer/sparkle effect to spikes to help them stand out in some situations.

Made a bunch of changes and improvements to various things during the facility sequence.

Improved the jump buffer reducing the chance of a "bad jump".

You can now clear a keybind in the controls menu to have no key bound to that action.

Falling too far and getting a "hard landing" no longer drains oxygen or make it look like you took damage.

Increased the speed of certain parts of the intro cutscene.

Improved player kick animations. (will probably post gif later)

Added a map marking system so you can now add your own markings on the map. (will go over this more later as well)

And more fixes / minor changes.


It has come to my attention that doing color blindness assistance/help this way is not really the best way but I'll ask this one more time so same question as last time.

Do any of these color blindness filters actually help at all?

(right click -> view image for larger size)

(I use firefox, so might be different for other browsers)

I used this as a reference, so I assume it is correct:

(linking this for full disclosure)

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So, I think I may have misunderstood these filters. They might not actually be supposed to help with color blindness but are rather a simulation of color blindness. So I will most likely remove them later as they are more then likely completely useless for color blind people. Posting this here in case anyone reads who already knows this and is about to tell me.

 I am colorblind and I think the standard one looks the best

Yeah, as I mentioned before, I misunderstood the purpose of these filters. They have now been removed from the game. Thanks for the feedback anyway. :)