Devlog - 19

Weekly Report:

Added two new enemies.

Polished up the 'Pira' enemy.

Added a bunch of bubble particle effects when under water.

Added a new options menu - Accessibility.

The 'pseudo' auto aim feature is now disabled by default, called 'Aim Assist' and an option in said Accessibility menu.

Added multiple Color Blindness options in said Accessibility menu.

Re-organized menu button locations and such to reduce clutter.

Added a color effect to the in-game options menu to make it less bland.

Added a message if the player is trying to bind an action to a button that is already bound in the controls menu.

And fixed a bunch of bugs and issues.

Weekly Gif:

Demonstration of said underwater bubble effects, they will probably get tweaked a bit later at some point.

And I will most likely add more watery effects as well.

So, now to the question:

Do any of these color blindness filters actually help at all?

(right click -> view image for larger size)

(I use firefox, so might be different for other browsers)

I'm asking because I have no idea if these filters are correct or even if the names are correct.

I just wanted to add some kind of color blindness help/support and this is the easiest way to do it as far as I'm aware, even if it's just a small help.

I used this as a reference, so I assume it is correct:

(linking this for full disclosure)

I'm going to try and start posting the weekly devlogs in this format for now on, with the things that has been done at the top and then all the questions, images and such down here.

So that's it for this week.

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So, I think I may have misunderstood these filters. They might not actually be supposed to help with color blindness but are rather a simulation of color blindness. So I will most likely remove them later as they are more then likely completely useless for color blind people. Posting this here in case anyone reads who already knows this and is about to tell me.