Devlog - 18

New week, new stuff.

Some things done this week:

Added a bunch of rooms.

Added 3 new enemies.

Added an option in the menu to completely disable controller/gamepad detection.

Also fixed a bunch of things, added new effects and such.

Pretty decent week overall.

I know I said I would probably talk more about the super missile replacement this week but I have decided not to and therefore leaving more things unspoiled. ;)

(until I accidentally spoil it or decide to actually show what it is)

This weeks gif:

Pira, a WIP new underwater enemy.

Still needs some tweaks but it seems good enough for now.

Still open for suggestions about the "pseudo" auto aim mechanic, I've got some conflicting feedback so far but I think I'm leaning towards possibly making it an accessibility type of option.

That's it for this devlog, thanks for reading.

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Money, mine, take it, etc... You get the point. Keep up the great work!

Thanks, and will do. ^^