Devlog - 17

This week I've done a few things:

Improved performance of multiple shaders, some big improvements and some small.

Reworked super missiles, they are no longer super missiles. (I'll probably talk about this more next week)

Reworked some parts of the world since super missiles have been reworked.

Added idle state animations to the new ledge grab animations.

And some other random stuff.

But the most important part for this week is:

I've added a "pseudo" auto aim to the player projectiles, if they fly close enough to an enemy they start moving towards that enemy, it can still miss though.

(may not be that easy to see in this gif)

This should generally make it easier to hit enemies.

So my question here is:

Is this auto aim feature something you think is good or bad?

It could be an option in the menu and not always activated if some prefer not having this.

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This amazing art, nice game, are you working on GAMEMAKER?

and do you want to sell your template.. for metroid vania games.

Thanks and yes, I use GameMaker Studio 1.4.

This is not really suitable for being used as a template, there are way too many project specific parts.

So this will most likely not be sold as any kind of template, sorry.

I will be selling the actual game when it's done though.


I think auto-aim should be an option in the menu, and probably disabled by default. 

The game looks really nice! Gonna download the demo.


Yeah, that's one way it could be done, I've got various conflicting suggestions about this so I'll have to think it over some more.

Thanks for the feedback and hope you like the demo!

It is a bit outdated by now though so some things from my gifs are not in yet.