Devlog - 12 - New Linux demo and general demo update

An experimental linux demo is now available.

The demo has also been updated with some fixes and improvements based on feedback. (both windows and linux)

Notes about linux:

I do not know much about linux and I can only test inside a virtual machine at this time.

There are no guarantees the game will work, I have included a readme file to help get it up and running.

So please read the readme file for more information.

As always, looking for any kind of feedback!

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Apr 06, 2019

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Hi Apapappa, it's been a while :)

I was playing through your game, and got the Super Missile upgrade early, only to find that fighting the Glob was almost impossible, though I did whittle it's health to about 51% once.

Anyhow, I started another playthrough, beat Slither, got the Charge Module, collected the Super Missiles and doubled back to face Glob, but gave up after a few times as it's almost impossible to fight, even with the quadruple damage from the Charge Module (the part where it keeps absorbing my health to recharge itself is not cool, but I understand it makes the fight more satisfying).

I might try again one more time before I go to bed, but eh :p


Hey, sorry for the late reply.

I made some "quick" changes to Glob before releasing the demo and the health absorb attack is one of them so it may be a bit unbalanced.

But I will continue to make changes/tweaks all around as I continue developing the game so I'm sure Glob will also be changed later at some point. ;)

Thanks for trying the new demo and the feedback!


Ah, so I wasn't the only one who thought the fight was a little one-sided :p

I made a last go at it the other day, and noticed that the health orbs weren't dropping as much as when fighting Slither, so that's something else you might want to consider as well :)


You might be on to something there with the health drops, I made changes to the flies that drop them while creating Slither and might have forgot to add those changes to Glob, I will take a look at it. :)