Devlog - 4

I've been working on room layouts and the world of the game this week so not much has changed visually.

Almost all room layouts for the entire world now have a design and I've rerouted a lot of the "guiding path" as I would call it.

This path only guides the player to a certain point and then pretty much drops off completely to basically force the player to explore.

I've also changed/improved a few other already existing things such as:

There is now a "cutscene-like" effect when you enter a save station.

I've added glowing lights trying to tell the player where to go during the facility escape sequence.

Added a "legend" to the fullscreen map which shows what area you are in and it's corresponding color.

And some other smaller things.

Here's a gif of said save effect:

Anyway, if you have anything to comment on, please do so since I'm still looking for feedback!

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