Devlog - 1

Hello everyone.

Zordak has been chosen as one of this week's fan favorite over at
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Progress Update:

Progress has been a bit slow and might become even slower for a while since real life is a thing.

1 - I've managed to make the scanline shader less flickery and more pleasing to the eyes. (in case anyone had a problem with that)

2 - Doors now also save whether you have opened them or not which in turn makes the player waste less ammo on doors.

3 - Some performance improvements have been made and a bunch of room updates/additions.

4 - And also a bunch of other minor stuff.

None of this is in the demo but I thought you may want to at least know something I've done with the game.

Anyways, here's a random gif:

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You've gotten my vote, and is that the secret you spoke of before? ;)


Thanks! And no, that is not a secret. :)