Update - v0.06

Hello once again, here's another update which focuses on some issues/suggestions people had and some extra additions.

Most Notable Changes:

1 - Frameskip option
Render the game in 30fps instead of 60fps, useful for low-end computers.
Turning this on is highly recommended if your computer can't keep the game running at 60fps.

The reason for this is:
If the game doesn't run at 60fps everything slows down, including gameplay.
This is clearly not good and hopefully this option will fix it for people who have this issue.

2 - Straight Up and Down aiming
You can now aim straight up / down and not only diagonally.
Down only works while you are airborne.

3 - Player mobility improvements.
Mostly related to jumping and crouching.

4 - Lots of small player sprite improvements and some new sprites.
Most notable:
Anything related to crouching.
New ledge grab animations.
New aiming sprites.

5 - Water surface "physics" effect.

6 - First boss visual and gameplay improvements.

7 - The map now shows doors and their respective color.

As always, feel free to leave any kind of feedback!

Here's a gif that showcases some of the changes:

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