Devlog - 81



- Added *A LOT* of new rooms.

- Added some new tiles.

- Tweaked a mechanic a bit.

- The electricity coming from broken lights no longer damage the player.

- Updated some old rooms.

- Fixed a few bugs.


Hey everyone.

So I know it's been a while since the last devlog once again..

But this time I've just been focusing on work instead of thinking about posting devlogs, it might not seem like it but keeping track of posting these actually do add a bit of stress.

But anyway, there's been quite a bit of progress since last time:

I've added a LOT of rooms effectively finishing up what was left of two areas, now there's basically only two areas left to make, one small and one big.. so that's something.

Still have to mention that it's only version 1 of these rooms so all of them are not necessarily considered finished and is also missing a bunch of stuff, but still, soon the player can run through the entire game.

So that's pretty much the main thing I've been working on since the last devlog, the rest is just mostly small changes.

But yeah.. I'm probably going to stick with posting devlogs whenever I feel like it instead of trying to be on a strict schedule, so the next devlog will be out whenever it's out I guess.

So that's it for this one, I'll probably continue doing mostly room stuff so the next devlog will likely be similar.




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First time I'm running into your game. Looks great and it's obvious you're putting a lot of effort into it. Looking forward to playing it when it's released.
Important: don't beat yourself up on things, it's one of the biggest reasons for getting demotivated.
Keep it fun :)


Hey, I'm glad to hear it and sorry for the somewhat late reply.

Yeah, that's true and it's definitely something I do at times, so gotta work on that for the future. :)


Always good to hear about the game. Step by step We're getting closer!


Sorry for the late reply, I definitely appreciate people reading the devlogs.

And yeah, it's definitely getting closer, a bit slow but still closer. ^^