Devlog - 78

(wasn't sure what to do for a gif this time so I just recorded a bit of the title screen)



- Still mostly focused on the new boss this week and I'm happy to say that it is now fully playable, so I'm calling version one of this boss done for now, will go back later at some point in time to polish it up  /  balance it better.

- Added a few new enemies.

- Added actual boss health values to the boss health bar in addition to the current percentages.

- Added a new mechanic.

- Updated a few old rooms.

- Fixed 8 bugs/issues.


It has not necessarily been a super productive week but I guess that's okay, any progress is good progress.

So with this new boss considered done for now it's time to move on to another part of the game, not entirely sure which part just yet.

Probably something related to the player progressing through the game, testing intended paths, making sure everything connects properly, adding missing things and such.

But that's it for this one, maybe the next devlog will be more interesting, who knows.




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New boss fight? Can't wait to slay it!