Devlog - 75



- Added a couple of rooms. (more than last time so that's good)

- Updated a few old rooms.


Once again only room stuff.

I think I'm going to have to take a break from making rooms and work on some other part of the game for a bit though, because it's starting to become a bit rough and I can feel the quality of the rooms degrading.

The "rooms degrading" part is not that bad though because many of them will be altered later anyway.

So next time maybe there will be something else in here other than just "added some rooms", but this is it for this one.




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Hey any adding to the game makes it that much closer. Even if all you tell us is "added rooms" that tells us you're still working on it. Good news.


Yeah that's true, I just hope most people feel that way. :)


Absolutely. I have finished the Demo ages ago and I still keep it on my desktop to remember to check this page every now and then. You're making constant progress, and I absolutely can't wait! I'm seriously as excited as I was when a genuine new Metroid title was going to be released. Keep it up. Oh, also I finished Super Metroid two days ago for the first time. Now I'm hungry for more (which is probably why I checked again) :D

Well, I'm glad to hear more people feel this way! :)

I'm definitely excited for people to play the finished thing as well, whenever the time comes.

Lately there's been some pretty significant progress and I can feel that things are moving forward.

And nice on you for finishing Super Metroid, it's a *very* good game. ^^