Devlog - 66 [DEMO UPDATE]

The demo has been updated.


Check my previous devlogs (64 and 65) for changes lists as nothing has really changed this week.

Most notable changes are: controller improvements, unlockable art / gallery additions, balancing, fixes and a new secret.


- Added more fan art to the gallery.


-- Linux stuff:

This week I was planning to make running the game on Linux smoother, unfortunately I got nothing but issues so it's still the same install procedure.

I was also going to try running the game on a few more distros but only had issues there as well so I'm going to have to stick with testing on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS only as this is too time consuming.

So I'm sorry but I think it's going to have to stay this way for now.


Anyway, that's it.

Let me know if you find any new issues.

This will probably be the last demo update for quite some time unless there are major issues in this version.




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I just played new updated demo and confirmed 
3rd achievement: Escape artist is working correctly. Of course
I know other 2 achievements are can't be unlocked for now..XD  

And, I also found some problem. Save point doesn't refill health.
I found this problem when after defeat boss, but I am not sure it
has occurred at that point. sorry...

And..thanks for add my fan art to gallery. It's an honor to me. :D  

Okay nice, good to know I got it fixed as there was definitely an issue before. ^^

And yeah, Map Explorer and Item Collector can not be unlocked in the demo.

Hmm, not sure why save stations wouldn't refill health, I have to point out one thing though:

They only refill health up to a certain point, which is 100 in the case of the demo.

And no problem, it's the least I can do, your work deserves to be seen. :)