Devlog - 55


Reworked and animated all suit sprites.

Adjusted misc other player sprites.

Slightly reduced player movement speed while not having a suit.

Increased player oxygen drain under water.

Added a new mechanic.

Reworked Slither's patterns a bit, less randomness and fly spawning is no longer random at all.

Added a faded black background to the robot companion messages to help them stand out.

Re-enabled the "Apapappa Games" intro logo with a new reworked one.

Reworked the Zordak game logo.

Improved the in game fonts.

Adjusted misc menu tooltip positions and reworded misc warning messages.

Updated the "player taking off clothes" intro cutscene sprite to match the new player sprites better. (still WIP as all of the cutscenes)

Updated some old rooms.

Fixed 19 bugs / issues.


As planned, most of this week went into reworking the suit.

I won't be showing that just yet though. (very slight sneak peek of a part of the suit in the GIF)

I guess that's it for the Zordak devlog portion of this post.


In other news, I'll be joining a game jam today so Zordak will loose a bit of attention for about a week or so.

The reason I'll be doing this is to quickly test out an idea and if it works out good then I might consider replacing my current side project with this, so more on that later.


As for the previously mentioned Patreon, I got hit by some issues so that will have to wait a bit, not much I can do about it, I'm currently waiting for something.

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intriguing! what's the game jam you're entering?

This is the jam:

I probably won't use up the full two weeks though.

I'm trying to make an old school Doom FPS game, we'll see how it works out.

And I'm recording it all so I can put it on Youtube like the last time. ^^


oh nice ^^ I love game jams, makes ppl think outside of normal game conventions\

ill be sure to check it out!