Devlog - 52


Fixed 10 bugs / issues.

"Finished" animating the blue jumpsuit player sprites.

Added / created misc new stuff related to the new blue jumpsuit player sprites.

Added a few new rooms and updated / reworked misc old rooms.

Updated a bunch of things to use the newer version of my palette, which is used for the new player sprites. (objects, tiles, backgrounds, etc)

Re-enabled the old "Render Scale" setting which allows you to increase game rendering size to smooth out movements/rotations or just the screen in general.

Scale interpolation is no longer enabled by default. (should remove most of the blurriness)

Adjusted overall game color mood a bit.

Reworked / improved a few old tiles.

Improved important object highlight flashing.


Most of this week went into creating and animating the new player jumpsuit sprites and I guess it was a good week overall.

So, I guess I'm looking for some feedback on these new animations, I know it might not be that easy to see considering the gif being so small, but I have to keep the size down and thus it looks like this.

So if you see anything that looks super obviously wrong then please let me know. (there's definitely some wrong stuff going on)

The standing kick animation is not really where I want it to be yet so I know that one definitely has issues.


And in other news, I've started slowly working on a side project for reasons mentioned in the previous devlog.

I don't really have anything to show yet but it will be somewhat of a shorter game in the vein of The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, so more on that later when I have something to show.

That's it for this devlog, next time we will hopefully be done with some more player sprite reworks but we'll see.

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TBH I think the animations all look pretty fantastic! The only possible thing I can see is what Temmieneko mentioned: the wind up on the kick is maybe too extreme. The kick itself looks good, I'd just cut the amount of windup by a third. Otherwise, I say "ship it" and move on to the next step! :)

Thanks, and yes the kick does have issues, I might try to fix it today, we'll see.

Thanks for the feedback. ;)


looks good, the kick with the long wind up seems a bit too over-exagerrated, maybe have the leg reach up behind her 45 degree angle max, and perhpas 45-70 degree angle for finsish, I just see it right now and think of charlie brown kickin that football, haha. 

looks great, i don't see artifacting, or junk pixels, very clean.

just seems herkick isa  bit too much .

Yeah, the kick definitely has some issues, I was going to try and fix it yesterday but it never happened, so I might do it today.

I'll try the angle stuff / reducing exaggeration.

And yeah, it's supposed to be somewhat of a football kick so that's kinda correct then. :p

Thanks for the feedback! ^^


:3 anytime! i love seeing these in my notifications :)