MiniLog - 1

Here's an update on one of the new sprites.

It's changed quite a bit since my last post but I think it's all for the better.

It's getting to the point where I think it's almost done so any final thoughts?


I'll be calling updates like this "MiniLog" for now as they are more focused on small updates + getting a bit of feedback.

They will also be posted less frequent and more randomly, discussions about the MiniLog subject will be had in the comments here so I don't just spam new devlogs.

If you're looking for a more direct way of giving me feedback then you should consider joining my discord listed below.

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delicious mini logs :3

Looking very sporty, the older sprites made her a bit.. Top heavy

this looks fantastic, sells her agility well.

Thanks. ;)

And yeah, this is supposed to be more of a confident stance, which will make more sense once I release a new demo.

The white underwear one will still be in the game and I'll be fixing that one up after this one is 100% complete.



Nice, I like it way more than the originals as well. ;)

I'm about ready to call it done, but I'll give it a few more hours and see if anyone notices anything majorly wrong with it.