Devlog - 46 [Question Inside]


Fixed 9 bugs / issues.

Updated / reworked some more old rooms.

Added a couple of new rooms.

Tweaked misc mechanics and added a new one.

Reworked a few more parts of the world.

Started actual in-game testing of the intended player path(s) to find out which areas need more changes.


This week kind of just disappeared and I only got a couple of days of work in there.

The plan is to continue testing the player path(s) in game while creating new rooms as I traverse these paths.

Still got massive amounts of work ahead of me so I'll just have to keep chugging along.


Anyone got ideas for enemy types that could fit this game?

Got some planned but could be nice to include your ideas as well.

Can't promise I'll add them though, just looking for some input here. :)

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Hopefully it's not too late to add some suggestions;

- Something involving an AI going weird.

- Something that can possess creatures or corpses.

- Something that evokes the terror of either the deep sea or the furthest of underground caverns (ie; Something big... Very big, and very far down).

- Something that gives foreshadowing by stalking you between rocks in the background. Or wherever.

Anything else I think of... Eh. I dunno.


It's not too late, thanks for the suggestions.

I'll put these on the list for reference. :)


Glad to be of service, albeit an incredibly scarce one right now ^^;

Hey there,

Sorry I've been ninja in the last few month glad to your still active! I have been busy on my game project 2 and it's starting to take form. I would say like Temmieneko, there seems to be a lot of organic enemies for now so maybe an enemy that is partially robotic or like a armour suit like yours but with a plague inside it a bit like infested Terran in Star craft would be cool.Or a mechanical robotic arm/crane all tangled up with plant vain stuff around it. 

Hey, it's all good. :)

I've added mechanical and semi mechanical enemies from Temmieneko's suggestions to the possible enemy list.

The suit and robotic arm/crane enemies are pretty cool ideas too so I'll add them specifically to this list as well.

Thanks for the input! ^^

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Off topic question; where are we at for a final release date? I'm sorry to be a bother with that question; I just have thing where I can't play demos/early release games because I'm a tweak and have to wait for the final release. I know this game is a labor of love so just wondering if you have any goal dates for release at this point. Will continue to follow and happily purchase when that day arrives!

Hey, I still don't have a release date but hopefully things will speed up here soon now that I've "finished" the intended player path(s).

And I usually don't play demos and such either so I understand. :)

As for having a goal date... as soon as possible is all I can really say.

Glad you're still interested in the game though! :)

I see a lot of organic enemies, and a lot of electrical hazards. Maybe it would be neat to have lifeforms that are part of each? Kinda like the chimeras in Mother 3

Sure, this might work. I'll add it to the list of possible enemies, thanks. :)