Devlog - 45 [Discord server available]


Pretty much finished mapping out the intended player path, I'm sure there will be misc changes along the way though.

Updated / reworked *A LOT* of old rooms.

Added 4 new mechanics.

Started work on a new area. (as seen in the gif)

Added a bunch of new rooms.

Added a bunch of secret stuff.

Fixed around 10 bugs / issues.

Tweaked misc enemy stats and improved misc enemy AI.

Increased player animation speed while in water / fluids.


So.. a lot has happened since the last devlog, mostly secret stuff though but I tried to put as much into the changes list as I could.

Since the intended player path has now been basically finished, it means that I'm now pretty much done planning out the world which is quite a relief to be honest.

There will likely be more changes done to these plans, but at least I now have a completely solid structure up and running, which will hopefully speed up the creation of the rest of the game.

I also managed to add some of the mechanics I've wanted for a long time as well which felt pretty good, and to be honest, this devlog is the first time in a while which I've felt good about the direction this is going.

I don't mean everything else has felt bad or anything though, this has just boosted morale a bit.

And last weeks work consisted of only finishing the intended player path so that's why I skipped posting a devlog that week, just to let you know.

I'm really looking forward to seeing people's playthroughs whenever this is done with all the new things + current and upcoming changes. :)

So.. yeah, I guess that's it this time.

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Awesome news! Yeah, I think ANY creative endeavor is easier when you rough out the whole structure first and then refine and fill in details.I'd think it would be really easy to burn out otherwise. With everything roughly mapped out, you're free to jump to whatever part you're in the mood to work on, and plug the results in where they actually go, rather than building up a random pile of assets that you have to remember to put somewhere.Makes it easier to see how much progress you're really making when things are in context.

Yeah, I did have pretty much the entire world mapped out before this though, just not the player path(s).

Meaning, where are you supposed to go first (a bit of this was mapped out), what upgrades block this area or what else do you need to get through there etc.

This made creating rooms harder because I didn't really know exactly what upgrades the player should have in those rooms.

So hopefully this will now speed up this process.

And yes, the feeling like no progress is being made even though I do a hundred things has been a problem for a while.

Hopefully this helps with that as well. :)