Devlog - 44


Slightly reduced "low health" effect intensity.

Updated a bunch of old rooms.

Started work on finalizing the intended player path(s) through the game.

The rest is secret stuff so this is probably the shortest changes list yet.


I pretty much only worked on secret stuff this week so can't share much as it could basically spoil the entire game.

So, here's a reminder that there is now a discord community server available for anyone to join:

I'll be posting devlogs, answering questions and such in there as well so be sure to join if you're interested in this game or any of my future games.

Anyway, that's it for this week, next week will probably be a short one as well as I plan to continue working on secret stuff.

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TBH I'm just happy to hear that you're making progress.I don't need details, I'll see them all in the finished game. :)


I hope this is how most people feel since I'm trying hard to not show too much and/or spoil anything. ^^

I also realize this makes my devlogs a bit more boring than they could be but eh, that's just how it's gonna be. ;)