Devlog - 43

(random gameplay because I did not know what else to show this time)


Beam switching is now done by cycling through available beams again but it still displays them above the player (like the previous gif) to minimize screen space usage.

Removed beam switching cooldown, time limit and time freeze.

Added a bunch of new sprites and reworked a few old ones.

Added moving platform support.

Added a new tileset.

Fixed an issue causing the player to shoot twice when shooting for the first time after loading a save.

Fixed a few pausing issues.

Updated a bunch of old rooms.

Added a few new rooms.

Fixed an unavoidable enemy issue.

And started some work on a new area, this involves a bunch of secret stuff so I'll leave that out.


So as you might have noticed, I did not post a devlog last week.

I don't really have an excuse other than I just couldn't find the willpower to do it, it's been one of those weeks.

Anyways, in other news, I *think* the discord community server is mostly finished so here's a link for anyone interested:

So as mentioned earlier, the plan for this server is to be like a community hub for all my projects and such so I'll be posting devlogs there as well.

Right now it's very simple with just a few text channels but I'm open to expand upon this if anyone has any suggestions, I'm not 100% familiar with how these servers work and all so.. yeah.

This is probably also the most direct way of getting in contact with me should anyone be in need to do so.

So.. yeah we'll just have to wait and see how this server thing will work out.

Anyway, that's it I guess.

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That looks awesome :) Good job with the sprites and the art overall

Thanks, glad you like it. ;)

wow looks great 

Thanks. :)

Heh, I'm getting the sense of 'Can't really stop, I'm busy' kinda vibe from this. Nice to know you've still kept up the pace :3

Hopefully this week's been an improvement over the last for you. I know how that feels right now >.>

I actually haven't got anything done for a couple of days now but I'm trying to get on it again.

I've got a lot of thinking and planning to do for the next thing I'm going to work on so I've probably got a bit too much on my mind right now. :)