Devlog - 42

(WIP beam selection HUD, some left blank to avoid spoilers)


Reworked the beam selection HUD, you now hold the beam swap button then press a direction to choose a beam.

Added a time limit when selecting a beam and a 3 second cooldown to prevent constantly holding down the button.

The player kicking hitbox is now a bit bigger to make it easier to hit enemies and such.

Reworked three old upgrades to include the usage of Suit Power.

Added a new upgrade.

Save stations now refill your suit power when saving as well as just standing inside them.

Fixed a pausing issue.


So, I'm not sure yet about the time limit + freeze time + cooldown stuff when changing beam, I added it as a kind of penalty for using the quick switch of beams instead of going to the menu.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this, feel free to tell me.

In other news, someone asked about a Discord server a while back (sorry for taking so long with this), I'm in the process of setting one of these up for anyone who's interested in that.

The plan is for this server to be like a hub for all my games and things like that in the future, I'm not gonna stop posting everywhere else of course, it will be like a community thing.

So feel free to tell me if you have any thoughts or suggestions about this as well.

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... I'm curious why you would even want to discourage peeps from using the quick switch? Why wouldn't quick switch always be the preferred method? Is there some technical limitation being addressed by this? Potential crashes or frame rate hitches if the player spams it? 

I'm probably missing something because quick switch sounds super useful and purposely nerfing it just seems like it could feel frustrating and clunky to control. (plus, I can immediately think of gameplay/boss AI that could focus around the idea of having to switch beam types quickly)

I say embrace the quick switch. IMHO. ;)

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Actually, I think you're completely right.

The cooldown wasn't really meant to discourage the use of quick switching.

I don't know, I was probably overthinking it when I added it and thought it needed some kind of downside.

There was also the issue that holding the button would stop time meaning that you could basically stop time forever, but I will just remove this as well to fix that issue.

So yeah, removing those two things will very likely be for the better, thanks for the feedback! ^^

EDIT: and the time limit is going away as well, since it is pretty pointless without those two things. ;)


Sweet! Glad I could help! :)