Devlog - 41

(WIP new HUD and ability to disable upgrades)


Added a new room.

Updated a bunch of old rooms.

Added ability to disable/enable upgrades. (this menu will be improved later)

Improved player projectile collision checking, should be harder to shoot through walls now, if it's still possible. (I assume it is somehow)

Improved room transition player position precision. (yes, this line is from my new rap song)

Reworked the HUD a bit, still not completely done though.

Added a new upgrade.

Added a new mechanic: Suit Power.

Oxygen and Health now refills over time when standing inside a save station so you're no longer required to save to refill.

Reworked Oxygen, it is now based on ticks and drains "X" amount every second, so the oxygen meter will basically show how many seconds of oxygen you have left instead of a percentage, depending on upgrades.

Moved the "Scale Interpolation" menu button to a more relevant place.

Made a bunch of changes / additions / fixes to an old "secret" upgrade.

Updated the world map.

Fixed some small general issues.


I realize the HUD is a bit small in this gif but feel free to tell me if you think this style of HUD is good or bad.

The main reason behind changing the HUD is to make it take up less screen space.

That's all I got this time.

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I like the small HUD. Keeps it from detracting from the immersion. :)

Yeah, exactly, I'd like it to be as small as possible while still showing relevant information.

I'll keep working on it and we'll see how it ends up. ^^