Devlog - 40 [Mini FAQ Included]

(WIP visuals for a new upgrade)


Removed the "delete save file menu", this is now done by pressing a specific button on the save selection menu instead.

Removed the "fix save file" option for now, it's a bit outdated and I'm not sure if it's worth having this in the game at all so this may or may not return later.

Added another new feature to an upgrade. (not the one shown in the gif)

Added "double tap" support to the input system.

Reworked the entire upgrade system, old save files will unfortunately no longer be compatible.

Updated a couple of old rooms.

Fixed a few misc issues.


I recently posted a mini FAQ elsewhere with some answers to questions people might have so why not post it here as well:

Q: When will the game be released?

A: I do not know at this moment so the only thing I can say for now is: It's done when it's done.

Q: Will the game be available on any form of console?

A: I'm open to the opportunity if it comes up but for now this is mainly focused on PC.

Q: Which PC platforms will the game be available on?



This is the main platform I'm making the game on so this will always be the focus.


I will be trying my best to keep a Linux version available.

This is currently being tested in a virtual machine on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

I use an older version of Game Maker Studio (v1.4) to create the game, so if an unfixable issue comes up my only choice would be to upgrade to Game Maker Studio 2 (which I will likely do), if this happens, expect the Linux version to be delayed.


I currently have no way to test the game on Mac so for now I will have to say that the game will not be available on Mac.

I am, however, open to the concept of a Mac release if the opportunity arises.

Q: How much will the game cost when it is finally released?

A: This depends on how much of my plans will be realized in the final version of the game and as the game is not really close to being finished yet, I do not have a set price in mind yet.

Q: Where and how often do you update us on how the development of the game is progressing?

A: I try to post devlogs every saturday.

I also post updates and sometimes short messages on Twitter:

And I have the oldest devlog for the game available here (still being updated):

There you can find very old images of how the game looked from the beginning and even some things that can not be seen anywhere else.


The upgrade system rework took a while so that's one reason why the changes list is a bit short this time.

I guess that's it for this devlog, until next time.

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Awesome Dev log. I couldn't even imagine using old Game Maker Studio.

Please keep going to finish Zordak :) 

Hey, thanks.

Well, I'm the complete opposite. ;)

I pretty much instantly hated using the workspace system of GMS2 when I tried the demo for it a long time ago.

No idea if it has gotten better since then because I'll likely be forced to switch at some point, and if it's the same as before, I'm going to have a bad time.

Anyway, enough about that, I'll be trying to finish the game. ^^