Devlog - 29


Removed the green lights that spawn during the facility escape sequence and when you break door controls, they felt out of place and didn't really add much to the game other than making it slightly easier.

Improved the scanline effect, should hopefully work better for different resolutions now.

Added an option in the display settings to disable the scanline effect.

The game window can now be resized manually by dragging the borders instead of only relying on the window scale option. (probably needs more testing)

The "keep aspect ratio vs stretch" display option is no longer locked to fullscreen mode with this new window resize change.

Improved the broken vizor screen effect, better visuals and performance, most likely fixes the "half hud" bug as well.

The HUD is no longer shown until you get the broken helmet. (since the helmet is supposed to be the HUD)

The oxygen draining ticking sound now only happens every 10% when above 25% oxygen, otherwise it's every 1%.

Fixed the game not showing up on the taskbar when starting in fullscreen mode.

Removed the hit freeze effect from bosses so they can no longer be stunlocked.

Removed the PostFX option since it is built into other effects now.

Improved the lighting shader performance and visuals, also added a higher quality version that is now used for the highest lighting quality setting. (worse performance on highest but better visuals)

Made numerous changes to the demo boss in attempt to shorten the fight, make it more interactive and maybe more challenging.



Some of the boss changes are shown here in this GIF.
(slightly sped up for some reason)

Didn't think I was gonna get much info into this devlog but it actually had more content than I thought so maybe it is interesting after all.

Anyway, that's it, open to any feedback as always.

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Liked the changes. I look forward to buy the final game and wish success to you ^^

Thanks, appreciate the support! :)