Devlog - 26


Increased room transition animation speed a tiny bit.

Fixed some issues with the new ledge grab jump changes.

Fixed an issue that caused breakable tiles to not break when shot point blank.

Added an extra jump momentum boost based on running speed to allow for a little bit further jumps.

Added a pulsing red rectangle behind the oxygen bar when oxygen is draining.

Reworked the robot companion tutorial sequence a bit.

Tweaked some enemies and upgrades.

Added a few new areas, updated some old areas and added a new area effect.


(just a random room)

Other than what is listed above, I have also been experimenting with a new wall kick animation for ledge grab jumps.
It did not work out too well this time so I'll have to try again later.

And also, I may have told a few people that some of the new ledge grab gameplay settings were available in the demo, apparently this did not make it into the demo so I apologize for this, they will be available in the next demo update whenever that is.

That's it, open to any feedback as always.

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