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The following youtube video links to the creator's page instead of this one:AlphaBetaGamer: Zordak .  The link does eventually take you to this page, but I have commented the video with a link directly to here for you.  I'd recommend you contacting the creator and asking them to link directly to this page instead of using your game to make them money through their own blog/review site.

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

I don't really think this is that big of a deal, pretty sure that's how they do it for all their videos.

Not sure what else to say about this.

Thanks for adding a comment with the direct link anyways though.

I really liked this demo, although I thought it was too short.

Some notes, first the game detects usb controller but won't accept input(linux); I ended up using qjoypad to play with controller and the game was much more enjoyable.  I just wanted to verify this wasn't a VM issue.

Second, the boss was very balanced.  I thought I had it figured out, then it changes the pattern.  I really hope you can achieve this sort of challenge for a full game.

Hey, thanks for playing the demo and glad you like it.

Okay thanks for letting me know it's not just a VM issue, not sure what the issue is but I guess I'll have to look into it at some point.

I'll also take a look at qjoypad, no idea what it does at the moment though.

The boss has been through some changes since the demo as well, so hopefully it's even better now, we'll just have to wait and see until I update the demo again.

I'm going to try and slowly increase the difficulty as the game progresses, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

qjoypad is just a button mapper for linux

Ah, it's a controller to keyboard mapper.

I'll still keep it on the list so I can tell people to use that instead if I can't get controllers to work any other way on linux.

This was such a cool demo for an awesome game! Cant wait for a full release!

Thanks, I left a comment on youtube. :)


AlphaBetaGamer sent me here. Didn't get to play it myself yet, but just from the aesthetics, I really like what I'm seeing! Looking forward to seeing how this game will shape up.

As a side note, do you have a Discord server? I don't log into Twitter or often and I think most people would prefer following your game on Discord. Though, maybe I'm in the minority here.


Glad you like what you see. ;)

I guess I could look into getting a discord server, I'm not that into how all that will work but I'll add it to the list.

If/when there is one available I'll be writing about it in a devlog / twitter and adding the link here to the main page.

And if there is a good way to post stuff like devlogs on said discord server, I will be starting to post the devlogs there as well.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Yeah, Discord makes it very easy to share this kind of stuff. Most of the groups I joined (some of them Kickstarters) usually have a channel dedicated to announcements, where only the admins can post. So you know, if you ever make the jump, you can just share your links in a dedicated channel.

Okay, well, I'll try to get one set up at some point. :)

I'll post the link at said places when it is up.

Awesome! I'll be sure to join if/when it's up.


Saw this on AlphaBetaGamer and loved it.

Linux version works well, using Ubu 18.04 with AMD HD6870. The Yoyo Games Runner also requires libssl1.0.0:i386. You can see all the library files required by running ldd ./Zordak though it's not always clear which files are in which library package (eg: file libcrypto is in the above libssl package).

The art, sound, and level design are all wonderful so far. The pose of her jump while initally unsuited seems a bit odd, like she's leaning back too far, but not really a big deal.

I thought more indication when oxygen was depleting would be handy, perhaps a box blinking red around the oxygen indicator? I didn't even realise the gas section was using oxygen until I was in the last room.

There's one point where you shoot upwards to a tentacle above but the edge blocks you, you have to step out a bit to shoot the tentacle, the edge probably shouldn't block like that. ABG does the same thing.

A lot of people are complaining that this is apparently a Super Metroid clone, as if that's a bad thing? Also I think you've extended beyond that game with things like kick/punch, ledge hang, crumbling blocks, so it feels like it has a bit more variety which is great. I look forward to seeing your future ideas to differ from the exact SNES/GBA gameplay as well.

Will definitely buy the full version.


Thanks for that dependency check tip, had no idea you could do something like that.

I'll be updating the dependency script at some point with libssl added.

I don't know much about linux as mentioned in the readme file. ;)

I'll add the sprite suggestion to the list for whenever I decide to update the non suit sprites again.

Yeah, I think I'll probably add something like that for the oxygen actually, so thanks for the suggestion.

And yes, aiming straight up and shooting will sometimes hit the wall if standing too close, this will be fixed at some point when I decide to update the suit sprites.

I'm not really hiding the fact that I'm taking a lot from super metroid, I'm also not just trying to copy it which the people who actually play it will see.

The demo is also intentionally restricted with a bunch of closed off areas and only certain items available, which happens to be items pretty identical to super metroid, this may be a mistake on my part but it is what it is.

I'm just trying to make a game that is super metroid and not super metroid at the same time.

But yeah... I mean, it doesn't matter what I do.. some people will always call it a clone or simply complain about pointless things.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and linux help. :)


Alright, so basically it's Super Metroid, but holy hell it's really well done. I like where this is going.

The art style and atmosphere are great. I really like the little touches, like how water and goo moves and the swaying of plants when you walk by. 

I thought the oxygen limit would be frustrating, but there are only select rooms that don't have air, and the mechanic adds some urgency to the gameplay. You get enough time to explore, but there's a sense that you need to keep moving to stay safe. I'm guessing this might get expanded upon in the full release.It also adds to the feeling that you're not some superhuman, but a person stuck in a messed up situation.

The only issue I think is the amount of health the boss has. It takes a really long time to kill and the flying one hit creatures don't give a lot of missiles. Then again, the missiles take off quite a big chunk of health off the boss, so it's probably for balance.


Thanks for trying the demo. :)

So.. yes, I'm basically trying to make super metroid but not super metroid at the same time, more things will likely change at a later point in time to differentiate the games more but it will always look / feel like super metroid.

Just wanted to give some more clarity on that subject.

Atmosphere is a pretty big deal for me which you've probably noticed. ;)

Yep, you're pretty much correct about the oxygen part.

I've gotten this comment about the boss a couple of times now, regarding that the flies do not drop enough stuff, so this will be addressed at some point.

I may look into the boss health as well since I know the fight can get long if it gives you the wrong patterns.

And you're pretty much right about the missiles as well, I don't want the player to have a large amount of missiles (ie: be overpowered) therefore the upgrade(s) only add 2 to maximum missiles.

Which in turn will hopefully force the player to use the standard beam weapon more later.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and glad you like the game. :)


Left a comment on youtube, thanks for the video. ;)


I like the demo, good pacing, nice exploration for what the demo offered. My only problem and its a little one is the ledge grabbing. When you press a direction opposite to the ledge being grabbed you let go, maybe a wallkick or just the option to stay on until the jump button is pressed. Overall great game would buy.

Thanks for trying the demo and glad you like it. :)

There is actually an option in the gameplay options that removes this behaviour. When that setting is enabled then left/right no longer lets go off ledge grab. This setting may be turned on by default some time in the future.

Thanks for the feedback! ;)

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