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This is a really good game and it looks amazing. What engine did you use for this, gamemaker or haxe?

Hey, thanks, glad you like it.

Currently I'm using GameMaker Studio 1.4, I will be switching over to GameMaker Studio 2 in the future though.

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This game is absolutely fascinating. I loved everything about it the atmosphere, the controls, the levels and specially the boss fight! I thought it was way too hard at first but once I observed it and knew what to do it was a really excellent fight!! 

And I really admire how accessible the game is, for crappy pcs 

I'm probably  gonna start binge reading your devlogs lol if you start making YouTube devlogs I am definitely watching


Hey, thanks for trying the demo, I'm glad you liked it. ^^

Nice to hear that the boss worked out fine, it's still not quite where I want it yet, too much randomness going on so I'll be trying to reduce that in the future.

But other than that the boss is pretty much complete.

Glad you appreciate the game options, I try to add as many options as possible because:

1. I see no reason not to since it's usually a quick and easy thing to do.

2. It will help people improve their experience playing the game.

But I will say though, I'll be refactoring the menu a bit in the future to make it easier to understand, there's quite a bit going on right now.

Well, I appreciate that, currently the devlogs are a bit slow and usually short but hopefully that will change in the future again.

As for youtube, I'm currently not in a position where I feel like I can do this, too much background noise and literally no privacy where I live.

But anyway, thanks again for trying the game. :)

Hi! What are you're thoughts on Metroid 5: Dread reveal?

Hey, I know nothing about it other than the name so I can't say I have an opinion.

This should be on steam

It will be at some point. :)

I would try to target the switch first

Since I pretty much exclusively use PC myself the game will be released on PC first, after that I'll be thinking about consoles.

I've played this demo twice, and I've gotta say, you have a great game in the making! I specially like the oxxygen mechanic, since it introduces another layer of tension for me. Well done!


Hey, thanks, glad you like it. :)

I like the oxygen mechanic as well, I just have to be a bit careful with it because if I don't balance it out well, it will just get tedious for a lot of people. ^^


this game good NO CAP

Thanks, glad you like it. ^^


Cool project! Very atmospheric and intriguing. Especially beautiful pixel art!

Hey thanks, glad you like it. :)


Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and keep up the AMAZING work!


Hey, thanks for trying the demo, glad you liked it. :)

I left a comment on youtube replying to your feedback.


Heeeyy, I've seen you are looking for some feedback and I wanted to help with my video and some comments about the game ^^.

-I've played a little bit but for now the concept seem pretty interesting.

-The gameplay mechanics and movement of the character are REALLY nice, I would only say that the controls need some polish on the input lag (I used a Logitech F710), hopefully it was only my controllers fault, but sometimes I've felt some of it on precision jumps.(Have you implemented some "coyote time"?)

-The visuals of the game are pretty awesome and create a nice atmosphere on the game.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Hey, sorry for the late reply and thanks for trying the demo.

So I watched the video, didn't really notice anything weird happening so got nothing to comment on there really.

As for your feedback:

Glad to hear the movement / feel is good.

Not sure about the input lag issue though, I haven't really noticed anything when testing myself but I only test on keyboard and 2 different controllers so not sure if that could be a factor.

Other than that, Vertical Sync could be a factor to input lag, pretty sure I have this turned on by default, turning it off could improve input latency but at the cost of possible screen tearing.

There's actually quite a lot of coyote time, so much so that you can probably jump after falling for a full tile (horizontally) depending on speed before falling off the ledge.

Glad you like the visuals and atmosphere as well, these two things are a pretty big factor for me when making the game.

Anyway, thanks again for trying the demo and making a video. :)

Also, I'm probably not going to subscribe, sorry, I pretty much only subscribe to friends and the like, I liked the video and left a comment to try and help out a bit at least.


No problem ^^, the game controller I was using could be the problem as a few days later the batteries died so that low battery could be an explanation :)

Regards :)


This game is not working on linux.


Sorry for the late reply.

If you've tried everything in the README.txt file then I don't know what the issue is.

It worked for me when testing it in a virtual machine and also for others running native Ubuntu, so other than that I don't know what to tell you right now.

Maybe try the Windows version in Wine or something equivalent.

Really enjoyed the demo! Looking forward to playing more in the future!


Hey, thanks, glad you liked it.

I left a comment over on youtube. :)

Absolutely awesome game!!!! I played your demo and it has such a good vibe to it. It is a total tribute to Metroid imo. When are you expecting to release the final version ?? I will absolutely buy this game!! Keep up the good work.

Hey, thanks for trying the demo. :)

I'm definitely going for the metroid vibe so glad you liked it.

And there's no release date yet, the only thing I can really say is: it's done when it's done.

Ok, well i will be keeping a close eye on your work. Keep up the good work!

hello i saw you said use game maker 1.4 for your design. I wanted to know if you are using GML for programming. Thank you  very nice game, great work.

Hey, thanks.

Yes, I use GML for the game and GLSL for the shaders. :)

Fantastic! Loved the vibe. Looking forward to this getting released!

Hey, thanks, glad you liked it.

I'm looking forward to everyone playing the full thing as well. :)

I want to play your game but I only have a Mac and Linux box.

Linux: I have an AMD processor and cannot run Intel builds. Please upgrade to GMS2 and make an x86_64 build for Linux.

I’d love to see a MacOS build, but reading on the yoyogames site I see they really try to make you jump through hoops! No Mac developer really needs to use XCode or get certificates unless you publish to the App Store. I’ve made games with a custom engine and with Unity for MacOS without all that nonsense.

Btw, updated Macs cannot run wine anymore!

Anyway, the game looks great so don’t give up!

Hey, so..

I don't think AMD processor is the issue here because people have played it on AMD before so something else must be going on.

I'm guessing there's some missing dependencies or if it runs into a segmentation fault it might be the same issue as the comment below by JMB9, so I suggest taking a look there for more information and a few possible solutions.

Other than that, I don't know what the issue might be.

And regarding GMS2, I will be porting the game over to GMS2 in the future but not until the game is done as it's not just an "upgrade and build" kinda deal and I much prefer working in GMS 1.4 anyway.

As for MacOS, I don't own a Mac computer so this is currently not a possibility, if I ever get my hands on one in the future then I will look into it but I won't promise anything.

Glad you like the look of the game though and thanks for the feedback. :)

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Subject: Segmentation Problem under Linux solved (AMD GPU related) - new problem with Logitech F310 gamepad (detected but not usable).


I had commented about problems under Linux with demo 0.30 on

08.11.2020 ... and yesterday I got a second GMS game (also 32 bit) where I got a hint about the segmentation fault under Linux.

It is related to new AMD graphics (maybe concerning the free stack used by GNU/Linux distributions) and can be fixed with a parameter - I had tried all and the 1st worked and showed that the graphics stack is responsible (but no HW acceleration ... no real option - but the demo ran in more than 30 fps) - the last one was correct for my Navi 10 (Radeon RX 5700 XT) graphics card - now showing just 60 fps constantly) - but maybe this list may help others - so I do give all options here (this worked with demo 0.30 {= 63} and the latest 0.32 {= 67}):

LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 ./Zordak  # no HW acceleration - 1st test

R600_DEBUG="vs,ps" ./Zordak

R600_debug=check_vm ./Zordak

AMD_DEBUG=ps,vs ./Zordak

radeonsi_sync_compile=true ./Zordak  # works for Navi 10

So now I can test the game and my graphics card no longer provokes a segmentation fault by GMS.

I tested on Kubuntu Groovy (20.10 STS; using Kernel 5.10.16 and Mesa 20.3.2 ;).

Unfortunately despite both demo versions (former 0.30 and current 0.32) detecting my Logitech F310 gamepad, both can not use it. Is this problem known - and maybe a workaround available?

Best wishes,


P.S.: Sorry, just saw now that controllers are not supposed to work right now. The other program had also controller issues, so I hoped this can be cleared here (due to detecting it) - in case it has something to do with GMS. So will check other possibilities. But would be nice if this could be addressed ... gamepad control would fit to this game. ;)

Hey, sorry for the somewhat late reply.

Good to hear that you got it running at least.

I'll add these parameters to my to-do list and then maybe include them in the readme file for the next version.

I'm going to have to look them up and see what they actually do first though, the first one is self explanatory but the rest, not so much, "vs,ps" is probably vertex and pixel shader but other than that no idea.

Regarding gamepad support, I have the exact same issue, no idea what the problem is so for now gamepads are unsupported.

I'm guessing the issue is likely because I'm using GMS 1.4 and the runner (the executable) is pre-compiled and from 2016.

I have plans to port the game over to GMS 2 which *should* solve most if not all issues but this won't happen until after the game has been completed.

So for now the Linux version is what it is, thanks for the feedback and posting possible solutions. :)

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Hiya! I love the demo, you really nailed the atmosphere and flow and I'm looking forward to the full game!

So I was wondering what you made this with, as I've been getting into game making recently and don't have much of an engine or anything to use (except PICO-8 but that's intentionally very limited in what you can do).

Hey, thanks for trying the demo, glad you like it. ^^

I'm using GameMaker Studio v1.4 for this, GameMaker Studio 2 would work just fine though since 1.4 is no longer available to buy.

Awesome, thanks!

Works really well, but have to admit the ledges should also be something you can pull yourself up to

Thanks for trying the demo.

I'll just refer to my comment below regarding this issue.

Basically my question is: is this really needed and why?

Either way, this issue is not very high on the list.

Thanks for the feedback though. :)

Yw! I'ts not strictly neccesarry but the feeling of the game would turn out way smoother. I'm making a 2d metroidvania asa well atm and it feels a lot less video gamey and a lot more immersive now. Cons: really work intensive to get it right.

I'm not sure it will improve the smoothness of the game.. because even if I add an extra animation the old way would still be there since there are sections where you have to ledge jump from one ledge to another for example.

So adding this sounds like it's probably not worth the time if it's not going to be the only thing being used.

Anyway, good luck with your own game. :)

She really needs to be able to pull up ledges instead of jumping. Other than that, I guess I need to save money for the final release.

Hey, thanks for trying the demo.

I mean.. I could do that, but I'm not sure why it's needed.

It adds more work for me and likely slows down the gameplay (only when climbing) but gives almost no benefit that I can see other than it may look more "realistic".

So this issue is not very high on the list.

Thanks for the feedback though. :)

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Yeah, it gives no benefit except making the game more realistic.
Playing the game, I was under impression that realistic feel is your goal.
Most of the time the game gives me Super Metroid vibes. Grim setting, the feeling of some unknown dangers waiting around the corner. I love it!
And then... Hop! The immersion breaks. Each of those silly pull-jumps yanks me out of this grim world into the realm of cartoon.
"Not very high on the list" is a perfect position for this issue as long as it actually is on the list.

Mechanically there's basically no difference.
Thematically it's a difference between full immersion and occasionally breaking it.

Yes, you're right in that I'm going for a somewhat more realistic style, but only to a certain point.

And well, even if I added an animation for the player to crawl up ledges the other jumping way would still be there as there are sections where you have to jump from ledge to ledge and such.

So I'm not sure if this will be worth my time, it's on the list but that doesn't mean it will be added any time soon or at all.

I get what you're saying though but.. I don't know, not very high on the list.

Maybe in a future ledge-pull DLC. :-)
Not a gamebreaker.

muito bom esse jogo, eu curti de mais, e estou ansioso para o jogo completo!!

Obrigado por experimentar a demonstração, que bom que gostou. :)

Não falo português, então usei o google tradutor.

Desculpe se esta mensagem está incorreta, é apenas o que o Google me deu.


Thanks for trying the demo, glad you like it. :)

I don't speak Portuguese so I used google translate.

Sorry if this message is incorrect, it's just what google gave me.


a mensagem esta correta, e já sou fã do jogo!!


This was a blast to play! Loved the small puzzle rooms, looking forward to a full release!!


Thanks for trying the demo, I left a comment on youtube. :)

Very good use of particles! I'm grateful for the extensive customization options for visuals and controls. Default blaster feels really good to spam. Good sound design as well! I also like the steady progress in equipment at the start, felt very well paced, exploring in general was pretty enjoyable. My only real gripe is the protag's running animation feels a little odd when she's in her Geo Armor. That and I first walked past the helmet before quickly turning around and grabbing it.

Hey, thanks for trying the game.

Glad to hear everything was mostly good.

I'm sure the animations will be improved over time but since they are considered pretty much "done", there won't be any major changes (as in complete rework) happening.

People running past the helmet is expected and hopefully makes them more aware of the oxygen mechanic.

What I could do though is to increase oxygen drain when the player has no suit to try and reduce the chance of anyone thinking there's some sort of timed running challenge going on there.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. :)

Seems like no devlog news for this week. 

But, still...I look forward to meet zordak full version. 

Yeah unfortunately I did not feel like I had enough content to post one.

I've been working on a somewhat large room and it's still not quite done.. but at least I'm working on new content now and not fixing misc demo issues.

Can you make your game demo recognize the whole ISO-639-1 codes table? I had to edit over the en.txt to use my native language instead.

This is probably not going to be in the demo for quite some time unfortunately, I'm not even sure it will be possible at all.

I have recently added support for a more standard font in my internal version but right now I can't say for certain what form of code table it supports, I'll have to look into that further later.

And yes, currently you have to replace the "en" localization file to be able to translate the game.

It's not really ready for localization yet so therefore only English exists in game right now.


I played this demo on Twitch for my first stream ever last week, love the aesthetics, and gameplay is super smooth :) Can't wait for the full release!

By the way, my main goal on Twitch is to translate indie games from English to French, which means I'm currently translating the demo. Would you be interested in a free semi-professional French translation for your game? Also, I can't figure out how to display accentuated characters in the game (stuff like "é, à"). I tried saving the txt file in UTF-16 but it just seems to break everything. Do you have any tips for me?

Keep up the good work, this is great stuff :D

Hey, thanks for trying the demo, glad you like it. :)

Technically I would be interested, but the problem is that not all text is in the game yet and the localization file is currently a bit of a mess with a bunch of unused stuff in it.

My plan was to add all text to the game and finalize the localization system before getting any translations done.

So translating it now would be a bit of a waste as things could change at any moment, well, not necessarily a complete waste as it would still help me figure out problems if done right now, but hopefully you get what I mean.

And I have no idea when all the text would be added or when the localization system is finished, so I can't exactly give you a time frame here either.

But if you use Discord and you're still interested in doing this or just want to join the community, then feel free to join my server:

It's much easier to discuss things and get more in-depth over there. (and you can PM there me if needed)

If you don't use Discord then we can continue talking here I guess but it will become kind of a mess with this comment system.

Also, I'm not sure why "é, à" wouldn't work, I copied it from your message here and put it at the end of the credits.txt file just to test and it worked, so no idea why it wouldn't work right now.

No idea if UTF version makes a difference either since I don't have much control over how the engine loads a text file, I just make a text document in windows and save with default settings and that works.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. :)

Many thanks for this lengthy reply, hopefully I'll find a solution to this "é,à" problem ;) 

I'm currently away from home but I'll join the Discord as soon as I can :)

A real pretty game and one i will be looking forward to.

The environment and general atmosphere hits the spot just right, so even with the homage to Metroid missing, fans will clearly be able to tell how much the game was inspired by it, without being a literal copy.

The Oxygen is an interesting feature though i'm not sold on it yet. It decourages exploration since the urgency of not running out of air is high, since players are unable to tell when they can take a breather again or find a new save point to reload on it. It really depends on how you'll add to this feature to get me better hooked on it.

My only Issue would be those Crumble Blocks unlocking secret areas, or just normal progressions, they can be hard to see and if there was a "learning" section about them, it clearly didn't last for me.
Using them for Secret Areas only would be much more rewarding, since they can be hard to find, while using them for general progression just makes them a tedious staging element since you'll need the one correct spot to shoot at to progress.

Looking forward to this Game. :3

Hey, thanks for trying the demo, glad you like it. :)

The Oxygen mechanic is not quite where I want it yet and I understand this can hinder the exploration element at times, but I can say this:

It will not be used everywhere, the plan is to use it in select areas and situations.

The "shooting blocks" part is not really going to go away, even for main path progression.

But I get what you mean and I have plans to add more different things you need to do to progress.

The keypad and battery are two examples of this that made it into the demo, but more things will be added.

For the "tedious" part, I've removed some blocks in one area in the demo update I just released, and if I feel like other areas are a bit pointless like this one was, then I'll change those as well in the future.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. ^^

Seems like a legit game!


After escaping the begin area and getting both the helmet and suit/gun...

I am stuck in small room with no way out.

Some kind of power up, two little crawlers, and a weird barrier blocking the power up.

The exit thingy changed to red...

Getting completely stuck should not be possible unless something has gone wrong, and if you are where I think you are, then you're not stuck.

Keep looking around in that room.

Hmmm...thanks, will do!

I wanted to try your game in Linux but failed.

Zordak runs into a segmentation fault on Kubuntu 20.10 STS (Groovy), 20.04 LTS (Focal) and 18.04 LTS (Bionic) - i.e. the window closes immediately - even when all lib dependencies are solved (and I do have some 32 bit games running in my systems). I am using AMD Zen2 and RDNA1 (Navi 10).

On a side note: Why is 32 bit still necessary ... would be much better to have a 64 bit binary as 32 bit is said to be discontinued on future Ubuntu LTS releases ... at least stated by Ubuntu (1st considered for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS but then postponed).

Sorry to hear that but as mentioned in the readme, I only test on regular Ubuntu with a virtual machine right now so no clue why it doesn't work.

I also don't have an AMD machine plugged in to test with right now either (no space to put the computer anywhere) so not sure if there is a difference between AMD and Intel in this regard.

Well the reason for 32 bit is that I have no choice, Game Maker Studio v1.4 only exports 32 bit.

If they discontinue 32 bit on Ubuntu then I guess the Linux version of the game will be dead for a while until I manage to get my hands on Game Maker Studio 2.

Either way, I don't think there's much I can do right now unfortunately.

Thanks for letting me know though and I'll add this issue to the list in case I ever decide to add more distros to the testing suite.

OK, I understand that you can not test it ... just a pity. My AMD system is quite new and fast - but under Linux it is really no problem ... have a lot of games ... and also 32 bit one.

I understand - it's the game engine version forcing 32 bit ... but as said this is not the problem in 1st instance. But maybe with a new game engine it may be easier to get it run on modern systems ...

Segmentation Fault can happen if trying to use libraries no longer compatible to linked libraries provided by the distribution. But as I tested also Bionic (the oldest one supported - Xenial is only in rare cases supported on the desktop - and to old to run on my new system) I can not understand it ...

Would have liked to see your game ... but thanks for your reply!

Switching to a completely new engine is not really possible unless I want to add like at least a year (maybe more) of extra development time.

I don't know why it runs into a segmentation fault, the executable file I get when "compiling" for Linux is from like 2016 since it's actually just a VM that interprets the code.

I haven't gotten the actual compiler to work for Linux yet and likely won't get it to work either since it's so old at this point.

So what I'm saying with all of this is that the engine I'm using will always produce a very old executable for Linux, which is likely why things don't always work.

The reason for this is that I'm using an old version of the engine: Game Maker Studio v1.4 (GMS).

And I can't promise anything but I may or may not have access to GMS 2 in the future which is a lot more updated and very likely fixes a lot of issues like this.

And you could always try the Windows version using Wine or something similar, I've heard that works for some people, other than that, I don't think there's much I can do right now.

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New info: "Linux version works!" in new comment above (on 13. Feb. 2021) - as these comments used demo 0.30 {= 63} - and now 0.32 {= 67} is available.

Excellent! But I would like to be able to reassign the control keys.

This should already be possible from the controls menu, it has some issues when using controller though which will be fixed in the next version.

An interesting little game, we had fun testing it.

Thanks for trying the demo.

I haven't watched the video yet, but when I do, I'll try to remember to leave a comment over on youtube. :)

Of all the Metroid inspired games I've played, this one best evokes the feelings I experienced when I first played Super Metroid. The goop boss seemed well balanced! It wrecked me the first time, but I was able to learn its moves and take it down after a couple more tries. So excited for a full release!

Hey, thanks for trying the demo. :)

That's good to hear since that feeling is pretty much what I'm going for.

Also good that the boss was somewhat balanced, it's still going to get a few more rounds of changes over time though as it's not quite where I want it yet.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. ^^

Hey whats the code to get into the door to get the suit and gun?  i looked at the demo video on youtube an i put in 4082 but it doesnt work

The code is different for each save file so you can't watch a video to get it.

Also, for the record, I have not put out an official demo video but I assume you mean the Alpha Beta Gamer one.

My bad.  I saw a video on youtube about the demo.  thats how i found out about the game.  What i played so far is nice, but Im stuck at the code door.  

It's all good, I was merely stating the fact that it's not my video.

And thanks, as for the code: try looking around in previous areas.

(1 edit)

I got 2 achievements: Exterminator & Fresh air.
Still don't know how unlock 'Escape artist' though..XD
I'll keep trying over & over again until figure it out.


Nice, good to know that they work as intended. ;)

The last two achievements, Map Explorer and Item Collector, are not obtainable right now just to let you know.

Escape Artist should be obtainable unless there is some bug going on.

LOVE IT! And love the gamepad support, will write more when I finish the demo :)

Thanks, glad you like it, let me know if there are any issues. ^^

So I kinda like everything, my only real nitpick was the oxygen level, it added anxiety for me to get through the outdoor parts as fast as possible, otherwise I am preparing my money for the full version :)


Oxygen is there for that very reason but with that being said, it's still really in the testing phase on how much it should drain and where it should be used, etc.

So things will likely change over time, hopefully for the better, what I can say though is that it will only be used in specific areas and not everywhere.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Very impressed so far! A few nitpicks were the animation is much better now, but it still feels a little flat when it comes to the poses. Sometimes the way to progress isn't obvious (like shooting diagonal in a hole) and can be a bit frustrating, since with all the bloom and effects, it can be a bit hard to notice. Items do disappear way too quickly, and maybe they should come to you like a magnet when close because a lot of the time, when an enemy is killed, the energy/missile is just out of reach by a pixel or so. The level design can feel very same-y with multiple rooms having the same layout. The first boss is a bit unforgiving and becomes a waiting game, as it has a bit too much health so you either die quickly and have to restart or stand in a corner waiting for it to pop up. Other than that great work!

Not exactly sure what you mean by "flat" in this regard but I will continue to improve the sprites over time, this demo update was the last time they will change this drastically though.

The diagonal hole is there to force the player to learn about diagonal aiming, I do agree that it might need more hints though so this is already on the list.

You can turn off the effects in the options menu if needed as well.

The magnet part about items is already on the list and it will be implemented so they move to the player if they are very close which in turn should solve the "just out of reach" issue.

I'll add "items disappear too fast" to the list though.

Not quite sure what you mean about the same-y part either since the rooms are all hand made and none should be the same really.

I guess you might refer to "this room is two views wide and this one is two views tall, this is a single view" or something like this.. otherwise I'm not sure.

The boss will be improved more over time, I do agree with the health part though so that is already on the list.

As for it being a "waiting game", sure it can happen but that might change once I reduce the health a bit and possibly do some pattern changes, so I won't put this on the list for now.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

oh yeah forgot to mention, the music doesn't loop correctly.

On Windows or Linux?

It should mostly loop correctly on Windows, there can be a hiccup at times though.

Linux has way more issues with this.

It is a very good demo that gives a good visualization of the somewhat more oppressive environment to the saga on which it is based, generating in sections a sense of urgency and exploration with the oxygen meter mechanism that forces you to cross quickly or look for possible air spaces to survive the exploration that gives it a different but fresh touch. Mobility is somewhat clearer than in Super Metroid, you cannot jump on the walls but a mechanism of ledges was added to climb that I liked to give verticality to the levels and it seems more "normal" for the doors to open when close instead of shooting them. It also made me curious how the character crawls to pass through small spaces, which makes me think that the Metroid morphball probably originated to make a simple animation when passing through closed spaces. I hope to see the complete project.

I made a gameplay capturing the inputs of the control, although I must say that the control was quite responsive and fluid.

Hey, thanks for trying the demo, glad you like it.

As mentioned over on Twitter, I haven't had time to watch the video yet but when I do I'll try to remember to leave a comment over on youtube. :)

I'm going for a somewhat more "realistic" feel for movement so that's why the player feels a bit heavy and there is no spinjump for example.

And just for the record here, there won't be any morph ball in this game if that's what you meant.

Thanks for the feedback.

The atmosphere is incredible, it's obvious you've put a lot of love in to it. My problem is that I just keep forgetting to keep track of oxygen, I get so engrossed in exploring and then I realize I'm out O2 and die.

Your puzzles are just my speed though. I get stuck for a minute, but then I find the solution very satisfying.

Hey, thanks for trying the demo.

So oxygen will be a pretty big part of the game but it's not going to be used in all areas.

I will continue trying to improve upon this aspect over time and things will likely change a lot at some point.

Glad you like the puzzles as this is going to be a major part of the game, there will be more variation in the full game though as the demo is a bit repetitive at times.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the demo. :)

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The demo is working fine in archlinux and manjaro, thank you for the linux build. Created the aur installer script for the archlinux and manjaro users: 

Hey, thanks for trying the demo.

Good to know that it works there as well.

As mentioned in the readme file, I don't know much about Linux so I'm assuming an "aur" script basically installs the game and probably dependencies as well?

I might install Manjaro in a VM and try it out there myself so I have more of an understanding about how it works.

If it's not too time consuming I could possibly start to at least semi-support that as well (and possibly include that script link in the install instructions), but we'll see.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. :)

(1 edit)

Thanks! :) Yes, it resolves all the dependencies automatically, here's the main script:

I'm also providing zordak.desktop file for the system path /usr/share/applications/ to make it visible in the games list of the system menus:

My bad with not clear terms: AUR is kinda playground for user install scripts. It's for the projects that are not in official community repos yet. And it's only for the Archlinux-compatible distros (such as Manjaro).

So, other popular linux distros (like debian or rpm-based) are not supported with my approach. They are using their own package managers. It's possible to write install packages for the deb and rpm based distros too using my archlinux files as a draft. I'm a bit lazy to do that, since I'm not using another distros right now. Maybe another contributors help too if needed :)

There's also AppImage format. I'm not a fan, but it's an attempt to make a standart for portable apps. So probably AppImage is also an option to provide a general linux install package for many distros.

Anyway, don't bother much, existing archive is enough to run and README covers all the info. Thank you for the game and good luck! :)

Ah, I see.. thanks for the detailed information.

I probably won't be doing any type of packages, at least not any time soon.

And as mentioned before, I may play around with Manjaro for a bit and see how time consuming it would be to test on it as well.

I'm choosing Manjaro because:

1 - You mentioned it.

2 - From what I've read it seems to be a pretty popular distro.

I've got the KDE Plasma version downloaded so hopefully this version would be sufficient.

Thanks once again for the feedback. :)

Ok wow! This looks 1st impressive 2nd very promising and 3rd... I NEED TO DOWNLOAD THAT DEMO!

Thanks, let me know if you find any issues when/if you try the demo. :)

Absolutely! For what I´ve seen so far its one fantastic love letter to one of my fav. games of all time (Metroid III). Maybe i overread it somewhere, but do you know when you guys will finish the full game?

Super Metroid is one of my favorites as well. :)

And no, I do not have a set release date, the only thing I can really say is this:

It's done when it's done.

Also, for the record, this game is a solo effort so it's only me working on it. ;)

Oh wow - honestly! You are creating this on your own? Ok... now this is UEBER impressive now! Fantastic job!
And you are absolutely right: its done when its done! Take your time and I can already see that it will be 1 fantastic game!

I am working on #SpaceCowboy since many years on my own as well - and I just love working on the game without any stress because of a release date :)


Thanks, I'm trying my best here so I appreciate it. ^^

If it's something you love working on, then keep working, don't let anyone stop you. :)

I'll tell you one thing though, I'm definitely not working on this without stress, in fact, I'm almost always stressed out.. the game is not the reason though and I won't go more into it than this.

(1 edit)

Hi, first of all thanks for releasing your game for Linux :-)

Regarding libssl1.0 on Ubuntu 20.04, you don't need to install it, you can simply uncompress the deb archive into the game directory and set a couple of paths.

Given this game dir layout, for example:

├── assets
├── openssl-1.0.0
│   └── engines
└── Zordak

This script will set the paths to preload local ssl version (it will also set the executable flag to the game if not present yet):

export OPENSSL_ENGINES=$PWD/openssl-1.0.0/engines
if [ ! -x $GAME ]; then
    chmod +x $GAME;

Save it as (and set it as executable with chmod +x and you should be good to go.

Tested on Ubuntu 20.04 today.

Best regards :-D

Edit: typos on Ubuntu release

Hey, thank you for trying the demo. :)

This is some very nice information and I'll be putting this in my notes for the next release as this seems to be a much better way of doing it.

As far as I understand, this means that I could bundle all dependencies with the game which would be a much better option than having the user install them.

So thanks a lot for this information. ^^

Just to be sure (and because I had already a lot of dependencies installed on my machine) I tried with a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 on a new VritualBox VM.

I think you are missing a step in the README: before installing the i386 library packages, I'm quite sure you have to enable the i386 architecture.

So this is the sequence of commands I verified to be working on a fresh install:

$ sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

$ sudo apt install libopenal1:i386 libglu1:i386 libxrandr2:i386

$ cd Zordak;  ./    (the script I wrote last time)

Hope this helps. Bye and keep up with the really good job you're doing.

Hmm, I don't know, maybe..?

I didn't have to do that when installing it on a fresh VM or natively on my laptop (fresh install) when that still worked, both of them had Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64-Bit installed.

And just to be clear here, the README does have the ":i386" part on all listed dependencies in case this is part of what you mean.

But that being said, I might add the "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386" part explaining that this may have to be run to enable i386 architecture in the README for the next version.

Thanks again for the information/feedback. :)

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