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Hi, do you have an email I can privately contact you on regarding your game?

Hey, yep I do, it's listed in my twitter info:

I pretty much only have it displayed there for anti spam purposes.

(not sure if it actually helps though)

I just tried a little but it's funny. In the genre I only played "project warlock" but i finished it almost twice, so this kind of games keep to be interesting today.

Thanks for playing. :)

I have not played "Project Warlock" myself so I can't really comment on that, but I can say that "Doom-likes" will always be interesting to me. :)

nice game man 

Thanks. ;)


good game. even if i cant see anything, still a good game.

Thanks and yeah, that just comes with the resolution limit.

I tried alleviating it a bit with the zoom feature but it's probably not enough. :)

this game is great, and.... IS THAT LUIGI .O. why we need to kill luigi's do u work for nintendo .OOOO.

Thanks, it's supposed to be like a military man but I get it. :p

This game is amazing but with the time gets confusing

Thanks for playing. :)

And yeah, I know, it can get confusing at times because of the resolution, but that was the requirement for the game jam so it is what it is for now. ^^


Yes Yes no problem! I know what's the jam about, but If you move looking directly at the screen It gets confusing. Really Good!

MAC ?? 


I don't own a Mac so I can't do that unfortunately, sorry.


R for restart - not the best idea to be honest xD
Else - it is AMAZING!!!!

Yeah restart should have been on another button further away from the movement keys, but it is what it is for now.

Thanks for playing and glad you like it. :)


I have nothing to regret. Item´s bonuses and weapon´s damage were well in balance. Music and sounds fits well. I got nostalgic vibes. This reminds me of Doom, Serious Sam and Hexen. -oneak

Yep, I went for an old school Doom / Quake vibe, Quake is in there mostly because of the jumping + platforming.

Anyway, thanks for playing! :)


Wow, very nice!

Thanks, glad you like it. :)


nearsighted simulator :)

Yeah, that's just how it is with this low resolution. ;)

I probably wouldve chosen a fog effect or something, it can get really eyestraining at times, atleast for me personally

There is fog unless you played on the Linux version where all shaders are disabled.

The fog could probably have been a bit closer though so I understand. :)

(1 edit)

Im on windows and never saw any fog
update: Nevermind i see it, its just not close enough

Good to know it's there and works but yeah, the fog could definitely have been a bit closer.


This is fun... and of course I also made the mistake of tapping the 'R' key in the worst possible moment! Eh... still fun. :)


Thanks for playing, I left some comments on youtube. ^^

And yeah, the 'R' thing may be a bit of a problem but this is what I consider the final version for the jam so it is what it is for now.


Please change the "R" restarts level thing.  I keep doing it thinking I am reloading my weapon :)  Otherwise 10/10!


Thanks for trying the game, glad you like it. :)

I won't be doing any changes to this version until the jam is over, but I'm thinking about making this an actual side project, so if that happens, you can expect many changes. ^^


pretty fun but it can be disorienting at times. all in all a pretty good game

Hey thanks for trying the game.

Yeah it can get disorienting, but that's probably only because of the low resolution which is required for the game jam this was made for. ^^