A downloadable game

Made in 16h 52m for GMC Jam 32 with the theme 'Conquest'.

You play as a peasant-knight who go on a quest to conquer all the treasures!

The game has 20 levels, some music and sound.

Turned out pretty decent for the time spent on it.

Install instructions

1 - Download the zip.

2 - Extract.

3 - Run ConquerTheTreasure.exe.


ConquerTheTreasureGMCJam32_ORIGINAL.zip 10 MB


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Didn't reach the end but gave it the ol' college try. :)


Thanks for playing the game, I'll watch the video and leave a more in depth comment on youtube. ;)

It was surprised by this since I saw you talking about new Zordak goodies and didn't know you were doing the jam. :)


Yeah, I didn't know either before the second day of the jam had already started, I just thought I could try joining a jam for once and see what I could make.

And yes, new zordak things will come.

Also, I've now left a wall of text as a comment on youtube. ;)